Thursday, 27 March 2014

Issue Based Teaching (Issue based Critical pedagogy)

Issue Based Teaching (Issue based Critical pedagogy)
Prepared by
M.Sc., M.Ed., JRF & NET
Lecturer in Physical Science, Arafa Institute for Teacher Education
Attur, Thrissur.

The Kerala Curriculum Framework (KCF) identifies certain issues related to Kerala society. Those issues are to be treated considering the aims of education. The selected eight issues that are rooted in Kerala culture has to be analyzed with the help of the curriculum is the need of the hour according to KCF. These eight issues are;-

• Absence of vision as a universal citizen
• Lack of work competency development
• Lack of understanding on uniqueness of out culture and its independent development
• Absence of considering Agriculture as a culture
• Lack of scientific attitude on health and public health
• Lack of concern for the marginalized sections of the society
• Lack of scientific land – water management      and
• Lack of eco-friendly industrial and urban development.

Issue based teaching should ignite the thoughts and attitudes among learners. It will help them to link life with social problems and opens up avenues to solve them. Thus education will become life centered, meaningful, and enriching. Issue based teaching connects scientific evident-to social and political perspectives. It promotes scientific literacy and higher order thinking skills.