Saturday, 1 March 2014



Let us remember that  mind is the cause of pleasures and pains in our life.

Mind  produces thoughts, thoughts are the base of the action and action gives results and rewards.

Negative mind produces negative thoughts resulting in negative actions and results
Converting the mind from negatives to positives is possible through listening stories, experiences of others , messages  and truths and facts of life.

Collecting the information, converting information into knowledge, knowledge to wisdom and then to experience is the crucial points in life.

Preparation for living is not life, experience of living is life.

Listening, watching, discussing, thinking and then practicing are the five steps to change the mind and  life.
Take one quarter from the teachers, second quarter by ourselves and third quarter from our colleagues and the last quarter during the process of living.

During the process of living, do addition, deletion, modification and correction  of what  you have heard, seen and  experienced  and then proceed.

Body is fully influenced by the mind and hence control and purify the mind always.

We have to elevate ourselves, never denigrate ourselves , we are our own closest relatives and our own closest  enemies.

Our role is to uplift our mind from bad to good, body from ill health to good health, family  relations from rupturing to strengthening and adharma  to   dharma  and our nation from disintegration to integration.

We create our own heaven and our own hell in this earth. None else is responsible for our pains and pleasures. They are the result and reward of our own actions.

Let us take the pledge that we will listen and make others listen good messages;  watch and make others watch good things; discuss and make others discuss useful matters;  think and make others think  good experiences and practice and make others practice good behaviour for making our life useful, fruitful, purposeful and meaningful for ourselves, our family, society and nation.