Monday, 21 September 2015

New proposed Lesson Plan format for B.Ed colleges

New Lesson Plan format for Changed Text book of 8th standard (Kerala Syllabus)
This is only a proposed Lesson plan format.
I think we can follow this lesson plan format from the next batch of B.Ed course(New 2 years B.Ed), Since most of the students/colleges have completed writing/framing lesson plan (records) for this year.
This format is recommended in the teachers text book of SCERT.
If all of us follow this format (from next year on wards) then there will be a unified lesson plan format for all B.Ed. colleges.
This format is developed in Regional workshop on Perspectives of Standard 8th New Textbooks on 10th August 2015, held at Ansar Training college Perumbilavu.
Special Thanks to Dr. Mahamood Shihab K.M, Principal ANSAR TRAINING COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, PERUMPILAVU and  Mrs. Mini T.J (Programme Convenor).