Monday, 18 May 2015

B.Ed Teaching notes- Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

Prepared by
M.Sc., M.Ed., JRF & NET
Assistant Professor in Physical Science, Arafa Institute for Teacher Education
Attur, Thrissur.

Collaborative learning is a team process where members support and rely on each other to achieve a goal. The classroom is an excellent place to develop team-building skills we will need later in life.
Collaborative learning is an interactive process. As a team member, each student should:
·        develop and share a common goal.
·        contribute their understanding of the problem: questions, insights and solutions.
·        respond to, and work to understand, others' questions, insights and solutions. Each member empowers the other to speak and contribute, and to consider their contributions.
·        are positively dependent on others.

What is a ‘good learning team’ in collaborative learning?

§  Team activities begin with training in, and understanding group processes.
An instructor begins by facilitating discussion and suggesting alternatives
but does not impose solutions on the team,
§  Three to five people
Larger teams have difficulty in keeping everyone involved
§  Teacher-assigned groups
They function better than self-assigned groups
§  Diverse skill levels, backgrounds, experience.
§  Commitment of each member to a goal that is defined and understood by the group
§  Shared operating principles and responsibilities, defined and agreed to by each member. These include:

1.     Have discussions and disagreements focus on issues, avoiding personal criticism.

2.     Take responsibility for a share of the tasks and carry them on time.