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Practicals and Practicum to be completed during teaching practice.

Practicals and Practicum to be completed during teaching practice.
Prepared by
M.Sc., M.Ed., JRF & NET
Lecturer in Physical Science, Arafa Institute for Teacher Education
Attur, Thrissur.

Ø Practice Teaching Record
§  Prepare and take lessons based on constructivist approach
(2 Column)
§  Constructivist Model- 30 lessons.(minimum)
§  15 lessons from 8th standard.(Physics (7-8Nos), Chemistry (7-8Nos))
§  15 lessons from 9th standard.(Physics (7-8Nos), Chemistry (7-8Nos))

Ø  Reflective Journal

          Student teachers are expected to keep a ‘Reflective Journal’ that would help him/her revisit his/her experiences in the classroom over the period of internship.
(One journal for two days-Total 15 journals)
          Reflective Journal would include a brief description of how the class was conducted, how learners responded, reflective statements about his preparedness for the class, responses to learners’ questions, capacity to include learners sharing of their experiences, responses towards their errors, difficulties in comprehending new ideas and concepts, issues of discipline, organization and management of group, individual and group activities etc.
          For simplicity each journal can be limited to at least three/ four paragraphs having
1)    Planning for the class.
2)    Class activities and happenings.
3)    Reflections.

Ø Construction of Tools of Evaluation.

Student teachers shall prepare two achievement tests according to prepared blue prints and administer them in their classes at the closure of their practice teaching. These tests should be in tune with the evaluation pattern prevalent in our schools.
·        Two Achievement Tests.
§  One from 8th standard (Physics/Chemistry).
§  One from 9th standard (Physics/Chemistry).
§  There should be two achievement tests out of which one is physics and the other is chemistry. Any one should be based on Blooms Taxonomy and the other should be based on Revised Blooms Taxonomy.

The record must contain two achievement tests with design, blue print, Question paper, Scoring key/Marking scheme, Question wise analysis and statistical analysis.
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