Saturday, 1 March 2014

Stress Free Mind for students

Ways to Keep a Stress Free Mind for students

Sometimes, frustration roots from fears deep inside but if you are able to solve what scares you, then you can deal with all your negative emotions and fears in a better way. You will be surprised to know that people start accumulating stress at an early of just 5 years. If not cured, emotional stress gets accumulated in different parts of body and may lead to the breakdown of whole life system. Some of the ways to keep a stress free mind are:
1) Perform aerobic exercises. You can reduce your stress by heavy breathing. Take a deep breath and let it out after sometime. Repeat this after one hour because the human body starts chest breathing when you are under stress. This is bad for your stress level as well as weight. Constant stress causes fat accumulation. So, you should start aerobic exercises instantly when you are under stress. You can control your heart rate by controlling your breathing.
2) Good music will cheer you up in few minutes. Thus, listening to music is a good way to reduce your stress. Try to sing something yourself or play an instrument like a drum or some other musical instrument.
3) Plan to spend your holidays with your friends.
4)If something bad happened like your teacher yelled at you, then try to forget the scene. You will feel much better.
5) Start day dreaming because good dreams open up new possibilities for you and your soul. Try to keep your mind busy with other things such as playing chess or other strategy games as a part of your leisure time activities. 
6) Start meditating for certain duration of time daily. This technique of focusing on a central object while ignoring the other surrounding objects is the best way to relieve oneself of any stress. This activity is known to decrease the levels of stress and to build concentration while studying. 
7) Having good company is a privilege, especially in the times when you are stressed. It is not just a hearsay statement that friends can provide the best solution to your problems. The reason why friends can be the best problem solvers is that they listen to the problem as your own and give unbiased opinions. This way, you may also discover some flaws in your way of handling studies and perhaps you can improve on the same. 
8) Express your inner feelings of stress and strain with the help of colors. If you hold the passion of a painter in you or love to play with colors, draw your frustration in the color you like. This can be really helpful as you can feel parted from the image that you think you held within you. 
9) Student stress is mainly related to the burden of studies that they have to carry all the time. Taking out some lone time to think and write about the problems is the best way to conquer the weaknesses.

Being stressed is not going to solve any issues. It is thus better to act wisely in dealing with your problems. Analyze the core issues, think about how to solve them, plan your schedule in a way that you can not only focus on your studies but can also take out some time for yourself. Make a plan for each day and track the progress. This way, you will not only be acquainted with the reality of progress in your studies or work but you can also know how to improve upon the progress in an effective manner.


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